Veteran Brewing Co.s mission is to raise funds to support a broad range of projects around Australia that help Australian military veterans, and their families.

Our goal is to partner with existing organisations that have already identified a need in the veteran community, and need financial help in delivering their support.

As we grow, we'll expand our support footprint.  It's important to us that we not only assist as broad a range of organisations as possible, but do so all around the country.  Regional communities in particular are often neglected when it comes to accessing financial assistance, which is something we're keen to prioritise.

Finally, we want to raise awareness of the various types of challenges our veterans face.  An understanding and supportive community goes a long way to helping veterans realise their issues are understood ... and that they're not alone.

You can help.

You don't have to buy a Veteran Brewing Co. beer to help our veterans.  Simply committing to learning more about their challenges, and being aware of the many organisations around Australia who exist to help and support, is a valuable first step.

So how can you help?

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Our current charity partners

Cam's Cause

Corporal Cameron Baird was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2013. For his heroic efforts on that day, CPL Baird was awarded Australia's highest military honour, the Victoria Cross.

This is in addition to CPL Baird being awarded the Medal for Gallantry, Australia's 3rd highest military honour, from an earlier engagement with the enemy.

Cam's Cause is a not-for-profit, dedicated to maintaining Cam's memory, and raising funds to support soldier welfare.


Veteran Benevolent Fund

The Veteran Benevolent Fund (VBF) is the charitable arm of the RSL & Services Clubs Association in NSW.

THE VBF's objectives run parallel to those of Veteran Brewing; to help fund projects that assist veterans and their families, whilst raising community awareness regarding the needs of ex-serving men and women.

Many projects have already benefited from VBF support, from Defence Community Dogs to Equine Therapy programs.

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Wounded Heroes

Wounded Heroes is a national community organisation, established in 2007.

Many military families face financial hardship directly related to their service to our country. This hardship can and does lead to increases in relationship breakdown, veteran homelessness, mental and physical health issues and ultimately, suicide rates.

Wounded Heroes plays a critical role in addressing these challenges, by providing short term emergency relief payments to individuals and families.

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